MetaMask Access GateChain Method

GateChain-Evm is a native module based on Gatemint consensus,Support to run Ethereum smart contract and provide RPC service to be compatible with metamask access,Users only need to switch networks to deploy and call contracts in GateChain.

1.Use the original Ethereum account or create a new one to log in to MetaMask.

2.Click MetaMask-Settings-Networks-Add Network,to configure GateChain Meteora testnet service.

Network Name: Meteora (custom)


Chain ID: 1337

Symbol: GT


3.Copy account address,Paste the copied address into the gatechain browser input box,application Meteora testnet token.

application address avatar

4.After the balance in the MetaMask account arrives,Through this account deploy Create or execute call contract,Compatible with Remix and other development tools.

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