At present, to manage your NFT through MetaMask, you need to download MetaMask mobile terminal.

  1. Get the app for free on iOS and Android, and make sure that your NFT receiving account already exists in the wallet account and the GateChain network has been added.

  2. The following details how to add NFT and transfer in the wallet:

    a. On the account page, select the NFTs module and click "Import NFTs";

    b. Enter the NFT address and ID to be added, and click "IMPORT" to add successfully;

    c. The successfully added NFT is displayed in the list. Click the corresponding NFT to send it to other accounts;

    d. Enter the account address to be sent and confirm the sending information;

    e. The receiving account needs to be in the NFTs module. After clicking "Import NFTs", you can see the received NFT information.

Last Updated: 1/14/2022, 11:23:30 AM