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GateChain Mainnet Upgrade V1.1.0
1.GateChain consensus version will be upgraded to v1.1.0.All nodes participating in the consensus need to upgrade node binary.
2.Schedule upgrade date: 2021.09.15
3.Please refer to the GateChain documentation:
4.GateChain upgrade consensus:GateChain update consensus version,If one of the nodes participating in the consensus uses the new binary assembling block, it will vote for the whole network upgrade.The number of votes exceeds the threshold after a round of block out.The consensus of the new agreement was voted through the whole network.At this time, if there are still consensus nodes that have not been upgraded to the latest version.They will not be able to continue to participate in consensus.
5.Change log:
1)Upgrade the consensus version to v1.1.0.
2)Upgrade EVM version to v1.10.8.
3)Cache the TX whose nonce is too large.
4)Optimize API debug_traceTransaction,it will support debug to execute failed transactions.
5)Please upgrade your node by downloading the newest version, avoid the con-account off-line.
GateChain Launches Today
2020-06-29 15:00:13
GateChain is a next-generation public blockchain, focused on onchain asset safety and decentralized trading. With a uniquely designed Vault Account, primed for handling abnormal transactions, GateChain presents an extraordinary clearing mechanism, tackling the challenges of asset theft and private key loss. Decentralized trading and cross-chain transfers will also be supported, alongside other core features.
2020-06-29 15:00:13