# Overview

GateChain's full nodes are key to keeping the network running. A full node has all of GateChain's features, including building a local testnet, and joining a public testnet or mainnet. It also supports downloading onchain block data, validating and executing business logic, observing consensus information, and more!

# Supporting Platforms

GateChain full nodes currently can run in Unix environments (mac OS,ubuntu, and centos).

# Configuration Requirements

To run a full node, the hardware must meet certain requirements.

  • OS: Mac OS 10.14.6 or above, CentOS Linux release 7.7.1908 or above, Ubuntu 18.04.2 or above;
  • Storage: Quad-core, 8G RAM, 100Gb HDD or more
  • Network: Stable internet connection, bandwidth 1MB/s or above.

# GateChain Full Node Installation Instructions

# Install Node

# Method 1: Run A Script To Automatically Install

Note: make sure "wget” has been installed in your environment.

The installation script ("install.sh" ) is located on Github. "install.sh" is responsible for the configuration of the chain's executable file. Value below is used by default:

  • executable file is located at "/usr/local/bin"(that is:"gated" "gatecli")

    # One-Click Install 
    bash <(wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gatechain/node-binary/master/node/install.sh)

# Method 2: Customize Configuration And Installation

We use the repository to store previous versions of the compiled node binary files for the time being.

  • Install Git LFS

    Git LFS is a command line extension and specification for managing large files with Git.

    Please go to git-lfs and install git lfs.

  • Clone the repository

    git lfs clone https://github.com/gatechain/node-binary.git
  • Choose the correct binary file version according to the change log.

    cd node-binary/node/{network}/{version}/{os_type}
  • Copy the binary file (that is:"gated" "gatecli") to "/usr/local/bin"

    cp gated gatecli /usr/local/bin

# File Configuration

Create root directory $GATEHOME (or ~/.gated) for Gatechain's node file. The directory is used by default when bootstrapping a node. You can also add -h $GATEHOME (customized node root directory) after the start command

mkdir ~/.gated

# Configuration To Join Mainnet Or Testnet

From "node-binary/node/{network}/{version}/config/", copy "config.json" and "genesis.json" to "$GATEHOME/"

# Start Node

gated start

# Start gc

  • To start GC, you need to modify the startup mode and add parameters
gated start modify to  gated start  --pruning nothing

# Start evm rpc

gatecli evm rest-server --gm-websocket-port --chain-id mainnet --laddr tcp:// --rpc-api web3,eth,personal,net,debug

  • If you need support evm rpc,needs to modify config.json The following attributes:
    • "WsPort": "tcp://"
    • "IsWebSocketServerActive":true
    • Save and restart gated

# PoS Mining

By building a full node to participate in the consensus, you need to create a base account on your node.

gatecli account create

After the base account, create a consensus account:

gatecli con-account create [address] --chain-id mainnet

Send a con-account online transaction:

gatecli con-account online 
--from [address] 
--pubkey [pub key] 
--moniker [name] 
--commission-max-change-rate [max change rate]
--commission-max-rate [max rate]
--commission-rate [rate]
--chain-id mainnet

If this online transaction is success, this node will begin participate in the consensus, please keep your machine running.

For more detail, follow POS Mining.

# Creating A Local Private Chain

  • Initialize the genesis block file
gated init --chain-id=testing private
  • Create validator address
gatecli account create validator
  • Initialize account token distribution
gated add-genesis-account [validator-addr] 1000000000000000000000000000NANOGT
  • Initialize consensus accounts
gated add-consensus-account [validator-addr]
  • Create decentralized exchange owner address
gatecli account create
  • Initialize decentralized exchange owner
gated add-genesis-dex-owner [owner-addr]
  • Start testnet
gated start

# Node Management

Use the "gatecli" to configure

cp ~/.gated/api.token ~/.gatecli/

CLI Operational Instructions

API Operational Instructions

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